Endeavour: Cracking the Morse Code

Room: Darwin D06
Time: Sunday 9:00am

046 - (T)

with Russell Lewis and Amy Thurgood
moderated by Rachel Paterson

Endeavour: Cracking the Morse Code image

Get ready for a forensic analysis of Endeavour Morse, his enduring appeal and legacy.

Join us as we interrogate Endeavour Screenwriter Russell Lewis in a candid and in-depth session into how he managed to reinvent a classic character. Find out what he think makes Endeavour a success, what makes Morse unique and what’s the secret to developing an enduring detective series.

Script Editor Amy Thurgood joins Russell for this exploration of a classic character in an outstanding series that just keeps going from strength to strength. 

How was Endeavour conceived? How was it pitched and sold? How do you approach a prequel series? What makes crime in the 60s different from crime now, and how can you still make that resonate with today’s audience?

Let’s find out the truth about writing the great detective series…

Appearing in this session

Amy Thurgood

Amy Thurgood – Assistant Producer & Script Editor

Credits include: Endeavour, Call the Midwife

Amy has previously script edited a wide range of shows for both UK and international audiences.
Amy Thurgood
Rachel Paterson

Rachel Paterson – Screenwriter

Credits include Casualty

Rachel signed with Independent Talent in 2017 and started writing for Casualty in 2018. She has just finished her fifth episode as a core writer.
Rachel Paterson
Russell Lewis

Russell Lewis – Screenwriter & Producer

Credits include: Murphy's Law, Between the Lines

Russell is the writer, creator and executive producer of 'Endeavour', having written every episode of the long-running series.
Russell Lewis