Everything you wanted to ask about screenwriting but never dared ask… with Joe Eszterhas

Room: Tuke Hall

with Joe Eszterhas
moderated by Chris Jones

Everything you wanted to ask about screenwriting but never dared ask… with Joe Eszterhas image

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We asked Joe, ‘what would you do if you were a new screenwriter today…’

He came out fighting with… “I would put my heart, soul, and guts into every word of every screenplay that I write. I would expect to get my heart broken… probably many times. But I would also buy myself a deadly pair of brass knuckles and know how to use them.”

This session will KICK YOUR ASS!

From the refugee camps in Austria to becoming arguably the most famous screenwriter in Hollywood history. Joe Eszterhas’ life reads like a movie itself.

Part Hollywood rebel and Hollywood insider; part romantic, cynic, and moralist, the New York Times said of his work “Joe Eszterhas writes with his fists.  You practically duck as you turn the page.” 

In this session Joe will talk candidly about his incredible journey before opening up the floor to questions from the audience.  Trust us, this is the opportunity of a lifetime to gain an insight into writing million dollar screenplays whilst successfully navigating your way through the Hollywood minefield.

So put up your dukes and get ready for an honest, challenging and provocative two hours with the man behind some of the most iconic and successful movies of all time.

Trust us when we say, this is NOT a session that you want to miss!

Appearing in this session

Joe Eszterhas

Joe Eszterhas – Screenwriter & Author

Credits include: Basic Instinct, Showgirls

What can we say... Joe Eszterhas is a legend in his own lifetime!  And we are thrilled to welcome him to the LSF this year.
Joe Eszterhas
Chris Jones

Chris Jones – Filmmaker and author

Credits include: Oscars shortlisted Gone Fishing, the Guerilla Handbooks and a bunch of feature films

Chris has spent his life making movies, writing books  and helping others make their movies.
Chris Jones