Fantastical Worlds and Universal Themes: Game Of Thrones

Room: Herringham Hall
Time: Saturday 2:00pm


with Bob Schultz

Fantastical Worlds and Universal Themes: Game Of Thrones image

Commanding dragons, becoming a faceless assassin, and psychic possession of animals might not be the kind of day-to-day experience we’re all used to, but the success of fantastic stories set in outlandish worlds can’t be handwaved away with an attitude of “that seems cool.” Even more than in stories set in familiar surroundings, Fantasy and Sci-Fi require a grounding in emotional reality through its characters and themes.

Using examples from worldwide sensation Game of Thrones, this enlightening class will:

  • Show how grounded themes are able to soar with the help of otherworldly elements.
  • Discuss the use of non-human traits to examine human truths.
  • Convey powerful (and controversial) messages that are both specific and applicable to many situations.

Join Bob Stormborn of the House Schultz, First of His Name, the Educator, King of the PitchFest and Devourer of Chicken & Waffles, Khal of the Second Act, Breaker of Stories, and Writer of Screenplays as we forge our writing skills out of Valerian Steel and unleash the dire wolves of our imagination to create amazing worlds grounded in truth.

Appearing in this session

Bob Schultz

Bob Schultz – Writer and Producer

Credits include: Great American Pitchfest

Writer, Producer, Screenwriting Professor, and President and co-founder of ScriptFest & The Great American PitchFest for 14 years.
Bob Schultz