Film vs TV: Why not do both?

Film vs TV: Why not do both? image

Do you consider yourself a feature writer but really want to get in to TV writing? Are you a TV aficionado and want to try your hand at writing for the big screen? Then this session is for you!

For feature writers looking to turn their great film ideas into TV series (and vice versa), that step can be daunting; either way you look at it, it’s a whole new discipline to learn. You’ve just about mastered beat sheets and the three act structure; how the hell do you apply those rules to a multi-episode or a continuing drama TV series?

In this session we will cover the key differences between feature and TV scripts: their structures, conventions and expectations; managing character arcs; keeping on top of B, C, D and E stories; throughlines, the rules you can break and the rules that are there for a very good reason. Plus much more.

If you’ve always wondered how exactly to write for “the other half of the industry”, this session is a must!