'Filthily Funny': In Conversation with Paul Abbott

Room: Herringham Hall
Time: Friday 3:30pm


with Paul Abbott
moderated by John Yorke

Paul Abbott has been writing and creating outstanding TV drama for just short of three decades now and in that time has been nominated for ten BAFTA Awards (taking the W on three of those), won four (out of 6 nominations) RTS Awards, two WGGB Awards, a British Comedy Award, an Edgar Allan Poe Award and shared an EMMY with Richard Curtis for their work on The Girl in the Café in 2005.

Suffice it to say that this guy has the writing chops – in spades! – and (sticking to the metaphor), consistently delivers juicy, tender, spicy, saucy, gourmet TV that audiences keep coming back for more with every offering.

From Coronation Street to CrackerReckless to ShamelessLinda Green to Clocking Off….State of Play to No Offence; the list goes on and it’s delightful; Paul’s writing is fresh, dirty, sharp and dark and turns from tragedy to comedy so quickly you’d better not blink.  He is a true Master of his trade operating always at the top of his game.

We’ve been after him for years and finally the scheduling stars have aligned and we are absolutely delighted to welcome Paul Abbott to the LSF17 for a candid and in-depth discussion about his work, his processes, his unapologetically human characters, his successes, his failures, his beginnings, middles and ends, his most fulfilling collaborations and what he sees for himself and British television moving forward.

Come and join us as we finally get inside the brilliant writing mind of this brilliant writing man.

Appearing in this session

John Yorke

John Yorke – MD Angel Station

Credits include: Wolf Hall, Shameless, Life On Mars

John Yorke is Managing Director of Angel Station where he works as a drama producer, consultant and lecturer on all forms of storytelling.
John Yorke
Paul Abbott

Paul Abbott – Screenwriter & Producer

Credits include: Shameless, State of Play, Cracker

A BAFTA award-winning TV writer, series creator and producer, Paul is one of the most UK's most revered writers working today.
Paul Abbott