Hollywood For Beginners

Room: Tuke Cinema
Time: Saturday 6:30pm


with Andrew Zinnes

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Your script is polished and brilliant. Your emails are getting returned. You have, as they say, buzz. But what you don’t have yet is the lay of the land. Get the rough guide to Hollywood and make that first trip to LA fully prepared.

Make no mistake, Hollywood has a culture all its own, with rules of engagement and unwritten expectations of behavior which, when ignored, will paint you as a rookie instead of a player in The Business. Learn the differences between your agent, your manager, your lawyer and how they will work with the studios, the producers, the writers (you will most likely get rewritten) and find out how much you can earn writing film and TV in LA LA land.

Appearing in this session

Andrew Zinnes

Andrew Zinnes – Screenwriter

Screenwriter and documentary producer
Andrew Zinnes

Screenwriting Practical help

Actors Table Read: LIVE

Actors Table Read: LIVE

How do actors and a director approach your screenplay? What happens when your words are reinterpreted through other artists? Join us for a sensational live onstage performance and deconstruction of one LSF delegate’s script.

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