How to write familiar yet fresh and compelling characters

Room: Tuke Hall
Time: Friday 2:00pm


with Christopher Vogler

How to write familiar yet fresh and compelling characters image

In this dynamic workshop, Christopher Vogler will show you how and why you should build your modern, dynamic and fresh characters from the DNA of the ancient mythological and archetypes from the Heros Journey.

All too often we write characters that while feel fresh and true, they lack that ‘compelling resonance’. This is often because in a narrative sense they lack the foundation of knowing their place in the store cannon of your work – or rather the writer isn’t clear on their place.

Great characters are archetypes re-imagined, skewed, distorted, twisted… but archetypes nonetheless.

In this class, Chris Vogler will guide you down the dimly lit pathway of the enchanted woods, to connect these essential character / archetype foundations, with the rich and inventive new spin you have created for the characters in your stories.

Far from making your characters supernatural or mythical, this process will profoundly ground your characters in the ‘now’, revealing greater depth and resonating more profoundly.

Perhaps most importantly, your characters will also start to tell you, the writer, their story as their character action and dialogue will start to become inevitable.

Appearing in this session

Christopher Vogler

Christopher Vogler – Hero's Journey Story Consultant

Credits include: The Writer's Journey: Mythic Structure for Storytellers

Story consultant to the biggest names in Hollywood.
Christopher Vogler