In conversation with Graham Linehan

Room: D204/5

with Graham Linehan
moderated by Mark Talbot

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In this eagerly anticipated session Hat Trick producer Mark Talbot will probe the mind of Graham Linehan one of the greatest comedy geniuses of our time.

Graham will speak about his beginnings in the industry, collaborating with writer Arthur Mathews on high profile sketch shows such as Alas Smith And Jones, Harry Enfield and Chums and the ‘Ted’ and ‘Ralph’ characters in The Fast Show.   Also in Graham’s amazing arsenal are Big Train, Brass Eye, The IT Crowd and Black Books the latter two of which he not only created and wrote but directed also.

And not forgetting of course, arguably Linehan greatest comic creation (with Mathews), the wonderfully silly and always hilarious Father Ted.  

That’s an awful lot of comedy to cram into one hour so join us for what is sure to be one of the most entertaining sessions in the line up this year.

Ahh, go on.  Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on….




Appearing in this session

Graham Linehan

Graham Linehan – Screenwriter & Director

Credits include: Father Ted, The IT Crowd

Graham is a comedy writer, director, actor, comedian and creator of highly popular series’ Father TedThe IT Crowd and Black Books.
Graham Linehan
Mark Talbot

Mark Talbot – Comedy Producer | Hat Trick Productions

Mark Talbot is a multi award winning comedy producer at Hat Trick Productions, where he develops and produces comedy for TV and radio.
Mark Talbot