Writing and Producing Mad Men: In Conversation with Lisa Albert

Room: Tuke Hall

with Lisa Albert and Mary Kate O Flanagan

Writing and Producing Mad Men: In Conversation with Lisa Albert image

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In this highly anticipated session, writer and producer Lisa Albert will discuss the elements of craft that have contributed to the success of ‘Mad Men’.

The session will examine key scenes and talk about the process they went through to draft and redraft them. We will talk about how to parse a scene to see what UK-based writers can learn from the show. We will look at how characters are built and what choices are made to keep the stories engaging and surprising while still feeling credible. The role of theme overall and in specific episodes will also be discussed, especially how it can be used as a source of inspiration.

Lastly we will discuss the collaborative system of the US writer’s room, its benefits and drawbacks.

The session will be moderated by Mary Kate O Flanagan. There will be an opportunity for participants to ask questions of Lisa in the second half of the session.



Appearing in this session

Lisa Albert

Lisa Albert – Writer and Producer

Credits include: Mad Men, Murphy Brown, Hannah Montana

Lisa has won three Emmy awards, four Writers Guild awards and a Peabody for her work on Mad Men

Lisa Albert
Mary Kate O Flanagan

Mary Kate O Flanagan – Screenwriter and Script Consultant

Screenwriter and Script Doctor Mary Kate has written five features, all of which have been funded by The Irish Film Board.

Mary Kate O Flanagan