3... The End: Inevitable but unexpected... Why the end of your screenplay MUST deliver

Room: Tuke Hall
Time: Saturday 5:00pm

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with Nic Ransome

3... The End: Inevitable but unexpected... Why the end of your screenplay MUST deliver image

The final part of our trilogy where all the hard work pays off…

A truly satisfying ending is the difference between a good story and a great story, but endings are both challenging and controversial – especially in TV, in which we invest so much of our lives these days. As writers we’re often squeamish about them – firstly because we feel that defining them too soon may undermine our creative process, secondly because talking about them at all risks breaking one of the strictest of all taboos: the spoiler, and thirdly because we writers have an unconscious understanding that beginnings belong to us, but endings belong to the audience (though true up to a point, this still needs to be unpicked).

But what makes great endings great? Do you need to know the ending before you start writing? Why does changing an ending work in some cases, but not others? How do you create a “great” ending? And why are “bad” endings so infuriating? Using ideas from analytical psychology, myth and anthropology – and with examples from feature films, single episodes, season stories and multi-season arcs – this session will disentangle the under-examined topic of endings. There will also be tips, techniques and exercises.

Appearing in this session

Nic Ransome

Nic Ransome – Script Editor & Screenwriter

Nic has written for Holby City and Freefonix and has developed TV for Silver Pictures Television, Starz, Artists Studio and Bentley Productions.
Nic Ransome

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