About Time! Creating TV’s Doctor Who

Room: Script Angel Cinema
Time: Friday 6:30pm

019 - (T)

with Ingrid Oliver, Katy Manning, Pearl Mackie, and Robert Shearman
moderated by Lisa Bowerman

About Time! Creating TV’s Doctor Who image

Have you ever wondered what it’s like, writing for the fourth dimension? Wonder no more!

A new era dawns for Doctor Who and we have a host of its on and off-screen talent giving you the scoop on the most enduring sci-fi show of all time.

So how do you write for a show like Doctor Who? How does it approach story and characters for these exciting new times, given the rich heritage it enjoys over the past 55 years?

Join us for an in-depth look at writing for Doctor Who today.

Appearing in this session

Ingrid Oliver

Ingrid Oliver – Actor, Screenwriter & Director

Credits include: Doctor Who, Peep Show

Ingrid is best known as one half of the comic double act 'Watson & Oliver'. Or maybe as Osgood on 'Doctor Who'.
Ingrid Oliver
Katy Manning

Katy Manning – Actor

Credits include: Doctor Who, Iris Wildthyme, Casualty

Katy’s enchanted millions by playing Doctor Who’s Jo Grant opposite Jon Pertwee.
Katy Manning
Lisa Bowerman

Lisa Bowerman – Audio Director & Actress

Credits include: Doctor Who, Casualty, Bernice Summerfield

Lisa is a prolific actress and audio director for among others Big Finish Productions.
Lisa Bowerman
Pearl Mackie

Pearl Mackie – Actor

Credits include: Doctor Who

Through this entire decade, international star Pearl Mackie has been exciting audiences of stage, film, and television alike.
Pearl Mackie
Robert Shearman

Robert Shearman – Screenwriter

Credits include: Doctor Who, The Chain Gang

Robert is an award-winning playwright, audio and TV writer.
Robert Shearman