Make your documentary: Writing, producing and changing the world

Room: Darwin D05
Time: Friday 6:30pm


Make your documentary: Writing, producing and changing the world image

A one hour session exploring what it takes to produce documentary features independently and then get them sold and distributed. The proliferation of low cost camera and editing equipment in the last decade has created and explosion of independent documentaries but how do you fund them, complete them and ultimately sell them and achieve the widest possible distribution?

Craig has worked predominantly making films outside the broadcast system and gives an a personal insight into how he has brought to fruition numerous documentaries from small passion projects to larger budget, worldwide releases.

  • So, you have an idea for a documentary what next?
  • Getting started with a teaser, sizzle reel and treatment. Who do I show it to?
  • Funding sources; grants, crowd funding, private investors etc.
  • Independent means doing your own paperwork, dull but crucial.
  • Once you have finished your film you are only half way there. How to sell and distribute your documentary.
  • How best to tackle submitting your film to film festivals.

Craig will keep the session flexible so participants may ask questions at any point. He will also be showing trailers from his recent productions.