Making the Mash Report

Room: Darwin D06
Time: Friday 3:30pm

011 - (T)

with Tim Telling and Chris Stott

Making the Mash Report image

Described by the Telegraph as ‘the most promising satirical arrival on our screens in a long time’ and reassuringly loathed by the Daily Mail, The Mash Report is BBC2’s new topical show in collaboration with the creators of the hugely popular Daily Mash website.

We are joined by lead writer Tim Telling and executive producer Christopher Stott. They will discuss the challenges of running a news-reactive television comedy show, making the transition from internet to TV and the inevitable Daily Show comparisons.

They will also be showing some highlights from the show and offering tips and advice for up-and-coming satirists.

Appearing in this session

Chris Stott

Chris Stott – Executive Producer

Credits include: The Mash Report

Chris is the creator and executive producer of 'The Mash Report'.
Chris Stott
Tim Telling

Tim Telling – Writer

Credits include: The Mash Report

Tim is the editor of the Daily Mash, the UK’s most popular original satire website, and lead writer of the hit BBC2 topical show The Mash Report.
Tim Telling