Meet the Producers: Impressing the Power Players

Room: Herringham H243
Time: Friday 5:00pm


with Rory Aitken and Steve Clark-Hall
moderated by Gail Hackston

Meet the Producers: Impressing the Power Players image

It doesn’t matter how good the work is, if you don’t ‘click’ with your producer then chances are your project’s not getting made, or worse still, it’s getting made without you.  All too often we hear of Writers, Directors and Cast being booted from projects due to ‘creative differences’.  As a Writer, one of the most important and fruitful relationships you can hope to nurture is with a Producer who ‘gets you’; who will champion you, fight for you, sell for you, provide for you and most of all PRODUCE for you.

So why do those Producers and those relationships prove so difficult to find?  And why do so many potential relationships fall at the first, second or third hurdles?  In this session, our distinguished panel of seasoned producers will share their stories from the trenches of writer relationships gone very very right and…very very wrong.  Amongst the topics to be discussed are:

  • How to impress (and even become essential) beyond the writing
  • Attracting producers to you, your work and getting them behind your ambition
  • The seduction: how far should you go?
  • The art of accepting rejection gracefully (and why we all need to do it)
  • Producer’s notes: decorum and professionalism under duress
  • How to get (and stay) on set
  • Going the distance – you’ve found your perfect Producer, how do you keep hold of him/her?

Learn from the successes and mistakes of those who have not gone the distance before you how you can best prepare for the marathon (and how to find the perfect Producer running buddy to run the race right next to you).

Appearing in this session

Gail Hackston

Gail Hackston – Screenwriter & Director

Credits include: 50 Kisses, Cancer Hair

Gail's short Cancer Hair won 'Best Fiction' and 'Best of Fest' at the Isle of Man Film Festival and won IMDb New Filmmaker of the Year at Bath Film Festival.
Gail Hackston
Rory Aitken

Rory Aitken – Producer

Credits include: Welcome to the Punch, Shifty, The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Rory Aitken is a producer and founding partner of Management and Production Company 42. 
Rory Aitken
Steve Clark-Hall

Steve Clark-Hall – Producer

Credits include: Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows

Steve is one of the UK most experienced Producers.  His Credits include 'Calendar Girls', 'RocknRolla' and Kenneth Branagh’s 'Magic Flute'.
Steve Clark-Hall

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