Producer's Notes: A Necessary Evil

Room: Herringham Hall
Time: Saturday 3:30pm


with Angus Lamont, Ashley Pharoah, and Danny Brocklehurst


A Director (who wishes to remain anonymous) recently told us a story about receiving script notes from a Producer after the film had been shot!  Safe to say that Producer’s notes can range from the hugely insightful to the sublimely ridiculous…

“Have you thought about…”
“Let’s take out the bit with the…”
“Can we make the male lead female?”
“What if it were set in space?”
“That bit you really love…it’s gotta go”

It’s one thing for you to kill your darlings but quite another when someone who hasn’t lived, breathed and bled your project for umpteen years, to start murdering them for you. BUT, here’s the rub, that Producer with the ridiculous (or otherwise) notes, is the most important person on your project and without him or her, that script you’re so reluctant to change is just going to end up sat in a drawer not being produced.

So how to navigate these treacherous waters and nurture long lasting collaborative relationships with Producers who can get your projects made?  Our panel of experienced Producers and Writers will share their stories from the trenches about…

  • Picking your battles
  • The tactical sacrifice – taking a small hit to save the bigger ones
  • Negotiating your way to a win-win
  • Is enough ever enough?  When (if ever) should you walk away?
  • Staying calm under pressure – having a poker face instead of a hissy fit
  • The Producer’s perspective – what they want out of the exchange…and you

Don’t fall into the career ending trap of battling with the money and getting booted over “Creative Differences”, come to this session and learn some essential tips and strategies to help you get the most out of the Producer/Writer ‘Push me/Pull you’ relationship.

Appearing in this session

Angus Lamont

Angus Lamont – Producer

Credits include: '71, The Girl With All the Gifts

'71 Producer Angus has been an active participant in the Scottish and UK independent film production community for more than 25 years. 
Angus Lamont
Danny Brocklehurst

Danny Brocklehurst – Screenwriter

Credits include: The Five, Ordinary Lies, Shameless, Clocking Off

Danny is a BAFTA and International Emmy winning screenwriter who has written on some of the biggest UK dramas of recent years.
Danny Brocklehurst
Ashley Pharoah

Ashley Pharoah – Writer

Credits include: Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes

Ashley is a veteran TV writer who has created and written several long-running series for the BBC and ITV.
Ashley Pharoah