Advanced Mentoring at the Script Labs

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Just You, Your Idea, a Handful of Talented Writers and an Industry Mentor!

The London Screenwriters’ Festival Advanced Mentor Programme.

  • The Advanced Mentoring Labs Applications Open 26th July
  • The Advanced Mentoring Labs Applications Close 8th August
Covid-19 Update: This page is now out of date and will be reviewed once we pass the pandemic. Thank you for your understanding.

Objective: To assist writers who have a fully developed screenplay in a specific genre, move their work to the next level.

    • Fancy getting a project of yours under the nose of an expert who knows all about your market, format or genre? Someone who can take you from good to great, who can help you make that final push in making your project a reality? Then come to the LSF and apply for the Advanced Mentor Programme.

joe-eszterhas-lab1In the past we have run programmes with Joe Eszterhas (BASIC INSTINCT), Nicole Perlman (GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY), David Reynolds (FINDING NEMO), Dan Mazer (BORAT), Gub Neal (PRIME SUSPECT), script guru Linda Aronson, Hollywood exec Luke Ryan (CABIN IN THE WOODS), BBC Comedy Commissioner Gregor Sharp and many more.

These script labs are for what we call ‘focused writers’ – those brave souls who’ve been soldiering on for a while with a particular project, but perhaps have not received the break they deserve with it yet. Our aim is to get our experts involved with these writers, to inspire and guide them and help provide the tools and impetus the writers need to see their projects in a new light, so they can get it out there all over again and stand their best chance of getting it some attention.

Joe Eszterhas is reading my script!"

Dee Chilton, Screenwriter, @DeeChilton

Dee Chilton, Screenwriter, @DeeChilton

These labs will be intimate, inspiring sessions for just SIX writers each – so spaces are very limited.


      • All applicants must have bought a ticket to London Screenwriters Festival as this is a DELEGATES-ONLY event. Submit your ticket number with your application.
      • You must fit the criteria for each lab.
      • The labs are for DEVELOPED work only.

Feedback from Past Mentoring Labs

      • 429833972‘Joe Eszterhas is reading my script!’
        Dee Chilton, Screenwriter, @DeeChilton
      • 1040538283‘I’m still buzzing my socks off about the lab… what a tremendous experience!’
        Michelle Lindsay, Screenwriter
      • 1041856424‘An outstanding and extremely well-run Lab and my writing has benefited enormously from it. Can’t thank you guys enough.’
        Eben Skilleter, Screenwriter
      • 1037955794‘The Lab was brilliant, so useful and insightful’
        Aurora Fearnley, Screenwriter
      • 1041872693‘The Lab worked out far better than any of us hoped’
        Mike Waugh, Screenwriter
      • 1041832351‘It was the highlight of the festival for me, so glad to have been a part of it.’
        Jasmer Towner, Screenwriter
      • 595314656‘I had a blast in that room!’
        Simon Underwood, Screenwriter


Do I need a script?
Depends on the script lab. Check out each individual page for their requirements. Send ONLY what is asked for, please.

Do I need an agent?
Nope. Please apply, whoever you are!

Do I need an LSF ticket to access this opportunity?
Yes, please ensure you include your ticket number in the body of your email.

How do I submit?
Submissions open 26th July, and we will mail you details then. You will need to have purchased your LSF pass before you can apply.

Do I need to have had my work read by agents and producers etc to access this opportunity?
Nope. All you need is that ticket number and the submissions package the Script Lab asks for. But if you have had stuff read, then all the better!