Somewhere in time: Writing Period Drama

Room: Herringham H243
Time: Friday 3:30pm


with Michael Hirst
moderated by Sarah Williams

Somewhere in time: Writing Period Drama image

The market for period drama remains strong and steady.

Actors, directors, producers and audiences alike maintain a healthy appetite for prestige projects that brings to life a past that can otherwise only be experienced in your imagination. Though it may be tempting to see period dramas as little more than fancy costumes shows, the  foundations of story, character, and theme are just as important – in some ways more so when transporting audiences into the past.

Michael Hirst (Elizabeth, The Tudors), and moderator Sarah Williams will strap on their corsets and give you a glimpse into the challenges and rewards woven into writing a gripping period piece, such as…

  • How to avoid cliché, a common trap for the period writer.
  • Attract producers and audiences to your specific slice of history.
  • Apply contemporary and universal themes to stories from the past.
  • Filtering the past though modern story lens.
  • Building on established and known work and why that is so valuable.
  • True historical drama and how to bring it to life

Whether you write for cinema or television, this session will help you drive your career into the future, even as you find your inspiration in the past.

Appearing in this session

Michael Hirst

Michael Hirst – Screenwriter

Credits include: The Tudors, Vikings, Elizabeth

A master of Period Drama, Michael has been a screenwriter for both film and television drama for over thirty years.
Michael Hirst
Sarah Williams

Sarah Williams – Screenwriter

Professional singer and drummer, Sarah also writes for the screen and brings her impeccable moderating skills back to the LSF this year.
Sarah Williams