Speed Networking – Fun, Fast and EFFECTIVE

Room: Final Draft Hall

Speed Networking will take place in Herringham Hall.

Speed Networking – Fun, Fast and EFFECTIVE image

It’s tough to work an entire room at one event, there are just too many people to meet, and social convention dictates that you’re more likely to spend valuable networking time engaged in a polite conversation with someone you know you’ll never work with rather than working the room to find the people you will. The simple maths means we can only connect with a certain amount of people without being shall we say ‘rude’ or abrupt.

The answer for us is our new organised Speed Networking.

In it you will meet 30 people in ninety minutes, then you can choose to continue the conversation later at the party, with the people who you feel you have the deepest connection or shared interests.

To be clear, networking is not a competition where the person with the most new relationships wins. That’s not at all what Speed Networking is about. For us it’s about finding people who resonate with who you are, who love what you love and who want to be a part of your journey too.

It may be that you need to meet twenty people before you meet that one person who wants to collaborate, or who can open doors for you or you simply just want to hang out with.

How does it work?

We will run TWO 90 minute sessions at the festival in the lunch breaks in Herringham Hall  (after the main sessions end).

To get entry, you must sign up to the sessions in advance (sign ups open in Sept date TBC). There will be 120 slots this year.

There will be 60 people in that session and everyone will meet at least 30 new people.

The emphasis will be on fun and we will give you a short training session before you start to put you in the best possible place to have a GREAT TIME and also create powerful new relationships for the future.