Stan & Ollie Script to Screen

Room: Script Angel Cinema
Time: Sunday 10:30am

with Jeff Pope
moderated by Henry Fitzherbert

Stan & Ollie Script to Screen image

Appearing in 107 films in a dazzling three-decade career, Laurel and Hardy are built into the bedrock of classic Hollywood comedy. Last year, the film Stan & Ollie, written by Jeff Pope, took audiences on a magical journey behind the curtain of these stars of vaudeville, film, and television. The performances of Steve Coogan (Stan Laurel) and John C. Reilly (Oliver Hardy) are transformative, bringing back to life these epic comic powerhouses.

Read the script first, then come see the boys get in another fine mess with screenwriter Jeff Pope in attendance delivering a live chat track. He will discuss the challenges of telling the story of such legendary superstars. How much must one pay tribute to their legacy, while still telling the tale of the men behind the legend?

The London Screenwriters’ Festival’s Script to Screen presentations have become a consistent source of enlightenment and entertainment throughout our long history. This one promises to be a whopper. Don’t miss it.

Appearing in this session

Henry Fitzherbert

Henry Fitzherbert – Screenwriter

Credits include Slaughterhouse Rulez, Born a King

Henry co-wrote Slaughterhouse Rulez starring Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Michael Sheen and penned the historical epic Born a King.
Henry Fitzherbert
Jeff Pope

Jeff Pope – Screenwriter, Producer

Credits include Stan & Ollie; Philomena; Dirty, Filthy Love; A Confession

Jeff Pope is an Oscar® and Golden Globe-winning British film and TV writer and producer, known for his scripts for Philomena and Stan & Ollie.
Jeff Pope