Talent Campus Day Five

Day Five (TBC) // Intensive Writing LAB with Mentors: Story Pitch and Refining Ideas

Objective – To form a writing group that will stay in contact for the rest of the Talent Campus and to get professional mentoring.
Location: Venue TBC
Date: TBC

I'm not aware of another screenwriting course where you get that kind of intensive input from such an experienced bunch of people who are currently active in the business."

Rachel Paterson, Screenwriter

Rachel Paterson, Screenwriter

Spend the whole day writing, refining, and re-imagining with a team of six other writers and a professional screenwriting mentor. You will work directly on your story, script, and characters as well as offer insight and advice to the other five members in your writing team. We will start early and coffee will be in plentiful supply.

You will leave with a detailed synopsis / story beat sheet, ready for your first writing period. It is expected that you will maintain contact with your writing group and mentor during this period, to maintain focus, offer and receive feedback, and build lasting relationships.

The day will wind up with Chris Jones recapping on the objectives for first writing period as well as bringing the ignition phase to an extraordinary and unforgettable conclusion.

  • Day five is followed by the four week writing ‘Momentum Phase’.
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  • Application Deadline: Date TBC

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