Talent Campus Day Four

Day Four (Date TBC) // Intensive Development Day with Mentors

Objective – In small groups, get intensive mentoring from all four of our industry experts, on story and career.
Location: Venue TBC
Date: Date TBC

Being surrounded by the support and love of this group is something I will never forget as long as I live // 10 Stars (out of 5) "

Monique Amado, Screenwriter, Actor, Director

Monique Amado, Screenwriter, Actor, Director

Spend the whole day working on your projects at idea and pitch stage, figuring our which of your projects are strongest, based also on the last three days experience and new Talent Campus relationships. You will get time with all of our mentors, getting differing viewpoints and opinions from experts.

You will leave with one question, and hopefully one answer. Which is my most ‘produceable’ project. You will also be preparing for your next day of intensive mentoring.

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