Talent Campus Day Six

Day Six (Thursday April 11th 2019) // The Crucible

Objective – To bring EVERYTHING experienced in Talent Campus together in The Crucible Party
Location: Venue TBC
Date: Thursday April 11th 2019

I was floored by how approachable and genuinely helpful all the guest speakers were // 5 Stars

Barbara Skubic, Screenwriter

Barbara Skubic, Screenwriter

We spend the day refining pitches, sharpening our networking skills and prepping for the big evening event, The Crucible Party.

We will have invited the great and good of the British Film and TV industry to attend so they can meet you and hear your ideas. This is the real world, no artificial pitchfest experience here. Dress to impress, prepare to charm with your new networking skills, and most of all, intrigue them with your compelling stories.

Everything we have learned will come into play during this exclusive party.

  • Day six, The Crucible, is followed by the conclusion to Talent Campus.
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  • Application Deadline: Midnight, Friday, February 1st 2019

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