The Epic Spec: How to EXPLODE onto the Hollywood scene

Room: D204/5

with Stuart Hazeldine
moderated by Nev Pierce

The Epic Spec: How to EXPLODE onto the Hollywood scene image

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Brit writer and prolific Hollywood scribe Stuart Hazeldine burst onto the scene in LA with his spec sequel Blade Runner 2.

Not content with that, he then wrote a spec draft of Alien 3. Neither were optioned or produced, but he did get noticed… and has since written both on spec and under contract for the major studios, as well as writing and directing his own Brit psycho thriller Exam.

Core to his success has been a desire to tell big stories. No character studies penned for big stars as vanity projects, but space ships, biblical epics and high concept thrillers.

In this session, Stuart will explain in detail, just how to write a Hollywood spec, how to navigate the murky waters of agents and managers, how to slip it to the town, how to field the offers… and finally, how to work alongside some of the biggest directors in LaLa land.

Appearing in this session

Nev Pierce

Nev Pierce – Journalist & Screenwriter

Nev is Editor-At-Large for EMPIRE, the world’s biggest film magazine.
Nev Pierce
Stuart Hazeldine

Stuart Hazeldine – Screenwriter

Stuart's credits include 'The Shack', 'Exam', 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' and 'Knowing' with Nicholas Cage.
Stuart Hazeldine