Perfect Your Pitch: One day Masterclass with Bob Schultz (Aug 18th 2018)

Time: 10:00am

with Bob Schultz

Perfect Your Pitch: One day Masterclass with Bob Schultz (Aug 18th 2018) image

There is an art and craft to pitching powerfully and effectively.

Those who have mastered it and in the process have also found their own organic and authentic way to deliver their ideas, will be the writers whose projects move to the next round.

Don’t kill your great ideas and scripts simply because you cannot effectively communicate the idea, tone, genre and setup with flair, enthusiasm and confidence.

Spend a full day developing the skills you need to pitch your project to producers, agents, actors, and more… and in a safe, welcoming and playful environment.

With a focus on general pitching and networking skills in the morning and a full afternoon applying those strategies and techniques to your project, you will finish the day ready to convince anybody to say “send it over.”

This one off Masterclass is guaranteed to make all the difference when you sit down to pitch your projects.  Make sure you walk into the room a lean, mean, pitching machine.

When: Saturday 18th August 2018
Where: Ealing Studios, Ealing W5 5EP
Passes £48.50
early bird (till Thursday 12th April) // £69 normal price

This full day of Pitch Development will include:

  • CULTIVATING YOUR SKILLS: Pitching isn’t about memorizing a monologue, it’s a combination of knowledge, confidence, energy, and professionalism. Let’s get you out of your writerly solitude and into the business of networking!
  • FINDING YOUR STORY: Distill your 100 page screenplay into one concise sentence, easy for anybody to grasp in a meeting, in a pub, or on the phone!
  • PITCHING YOURSELF: Production can be a long, stressful endeavor. It is critical to be a team player. What is expected of you, beyond writing a quality script?
  • DEVELOPING YOUR LOGLINE: Every writer hates them, every producer wants them. What belongs in (and out of) this critical sales tool?
  • UNEARTHING THE PITCH IN ANY PROJECT: Identify the exciting details of an existing project and pitch it right there on the spot. Pitching someone else’s project requires the same skills as pitching your own. The only difference is, yours hasn’t been produced yet.
  • CREATING IT: Apply your newly-perfected skills to your specific project, and create your iron-clad pitch.
  • DRILLING IT: In our boot camp environment, perfect your pitch with your fellow writers through repetition and critique.
  • HUSTLING IT: learn and develop the strategies necessary to get pitch meetings — and build your professional network — with the producers, agents, actors, managers, and directors who will hear your pitch. Every pitch is a conversation. You are learning what to say… here’s how to find the right professionals to LISTEN!

‘Bob can fix holes in your logline before you’ve even had time to blink’.
Lynda Kennedy, Screenwriter

03-P1100557It’s time to take control of your career and get those scripts off your hard drive and into the pipeline.

Consider, the only thing standing in your way may just be your ability to both network and pitch effectively.

And yes we get it, none of us love either pitching or networking, but they are required skills for professional creatives.

Masterclass Schedule

  • 10:00am11:30am: The Building Blocks of Pitching
    Knowledge of Structure, Character Arcs, and Theme… OF A PITCH (not just your screenplay). How you can build confidence, maintain energy and optimism even when it’s not going as well as you hoped. And most importantly, How to pitch yourself.
  • 11:30am12:00pm: Networking Break
    Not just a coffee break but an exercise to get to know three new people in the room by effectively pitching yourself. Don’t worry, it’s fun!
  • 12:00pm – 1:30pm: Distillation Of A Story
    Study the best and see how they pitch for success. Then flex the muscles in an intensive ‘on the spot’ idea generation and pitch exercise that will reveal your innate ability to pitch powerful stories with simplicity and urgency.
  • 1:30pm – 2:30pm: Lunch.
  • 2:30pm – 4:00pm: Pitching Toolkit
    What is your story? What is your logline? Who are you? Who do I pitch to? How do I find them? Build on the foundations of who you really are and what you are passionate about to reveal both the killer story AND the confident pitcher. Learn the tools, the tips, the tricks and the strategies for effective pitching.
  • 4:00pm – 4:30pm: Break and Pitching Practice.
    Again, why just have coffee when you can pitch to your peers and get feedback.
  • 4:30pm – 6:00pm: Pitch Perfect
    Comfort through repetition. Improvement through providing and receiving critique. Pitch to exhaustion, and push through!
  • 6:00pm Drinks and networking at the pub

Your Outcome: To know how to refine your ideas into a pitch that gets ANYONE to lean into the conversation and create a desire in them to want more. Do this an confidence and success become inevitable.

Your Tutor:  Bob Schultz has been the President of ScriptFest & the Great American Pitchfest (GAPF) for a decade, helping to develop a community of screenwriters and make the GAPF the #1 rated PitchFest and screenwriting conference in the world. Bob has written two movies, and produced four. When he is not engaged in screenwriting conferences in Los Angeles, Canada, and London, he is writing, producing, and teaching at colleges and events around the world.

Some of the 5 star feedback from the 2017 masterclass

‘It was as if I was in LA for a brief time, listening to a pro and ready to conquer Hollywood!’
Alex Khovak – Screenwriter

‘It’s very friendly and not intimidating – exactly what us writers need… A day-long workshop on improving your pitching technique and increasing your confidence in your ability to pitch your projects. Worth every penny!’
Olivia Olsson – Screenwriter

‘Bob is awesome! He is fun and engaging and I learned a lot…Now I know how to pitch!’
Liz Slade – Screenwriter

‘Bob is incredibly supportive and helpful. He is extremely generous… It’s a friendly, valuable day spent amongst great people that will educate you and inspire you.’
Az Valentini – Screenwriter

‘Bob’s pitch weekend cleared up many mysteries and gave me lots of confidence. A must see!’
John Morris – Screenwriter

‘Great advice…A chance to unlock the secrets of how to communicate your script concept straight away.’
Sivakumar Romachondran – Screenwriter

‘Thanks to Bob, pitching has moved from ‘terrifying’ to ‘easy’ in just one day!’
Laurence Storey – Screenwriter

‘Friendly and very professional. Learnt a great deal. Thank you very much’
Stuart Biggs – Screenwriter

‘Bob Schultz got me to pitch better. Job done.’
Eveline Powell – Screenwriter

‘A good insight into pitching and scriptwriting with good examples.
Harjinder Crewal – Writer and Director

‘Insightful…A fun day out and educational’
James Frederick Manning – Screenwriter

‘Very friendly – good to meet people and hear their ideas & see how to distil a long script into 4-5 words. I no longer feel I am the only one who has never done this before. Useful and fun.’
lex Gillespie – Screenwriter

Feedback from the 2016 event

‘The Pitching session with Bob was tremendously helpful and I don’t think that my pitches would have been half as successful without his help and advice’.
Josh Shevill, Screenwriter

‘Bob’s insights and enthusiasm simply make everything better’.
David Marantz, Screenwriter

‘I’ve read loads about the ‘nuts and bolts’ of writing a log-line before but this was the first time I actually felt that I ‘got it’. Brilliant value, he also fixed the log-line for my current script and that was worth the admission price alone’.
Gary Colman, Screenwriter 

‘Bob is very generous, passionate and really knows his stuff!’
Sophie Gueydon, Screenwriter

‘I Went into the class fearful of having to put on a performance of some kind but Bob walked us through the various stages of preparing a pitch and then practising the delivery in a way that was both natural and comfortable’.
Humayun Mirza, Screenwriter

‘I learnt a lot: how the mind of an exec. producer works, how to keep up to date in the industry, how to network, what to expect on a pitching session, and most importantly, fine tuning your logline. I think this course is a must for any aspiring screenwriter, and it’s a lot of good information for an affordable price’.
Simon Branco, Screenwriter

When: Saturday 18th August 2018
Where: Ealing Studios, Ealing W5 5EP
Passes £48.50 early bird (till Thursday 12th April) // £69 normal price

Refunds: If you need to cancel your ticket purchase you can get a full refund up until 30 days prior to the event. After that we cannot offer refunds. Refunds will be paid back promptly although there will be a 10% admin fee deducted. Alternatively, tickets are transferable to other people if you can find someone to replace you. We are happy to change the name on the ticket. Please allow 48 hours for this change to take place. We reserve the right to decline admission and offer a full refund at our discretion. We reserve the right to change the venue. We reserve the right to cancel the event and offer a full refund.

Appearing in this session

Bob Schultz

Bob Schultz – Writer, Producer, Professor, Instructor

Credits include Below Zero, Hitlersaurus!

Writer, producer, screenwriting professor and co-founder of ScriptFest.
Bob Schultz