The Mindfulness Room for Writers - Session 5

Room: Specials
Time: Sunday 12:30pm

with Louisa Caine

The Mindfulness Room is a quiet space where you can come to decompress, be calm and enjoy the festival even more. It’s a place where you can take a pause to absorb the energy and creativity of your fellow writers and the festival session.

Louisa Caine will be on-site throughout the festival to bring us mindfulness sessions. She will guide you through simple meditation and breathing techniques, yours to use whenever you need them. Mindfulness is simply an opportunity to pause. In the pause you create space so that your mind can flow with more ease and you can unleash your creativity.

Come to the Mindfulness sessions to help create whatever space you might need. It could be dreaming up new stories, creating new characters, putting pen to paper, or getting yourself in the zone for pitching to that executive.

*** Session starts at 12.40pm in Darwin Basement – Room DB11 ***

Appearing in this session

Louisa Caine

Louisa Caine – Founder | The Pause Before

Make Today Count, create your own Change!

Louisa is the Founder of the Pause Before, a mindfulness and coaching consultancy.
Louisa Caine