Starship Troopers... 'Do you want to know more?'

Room: Darwin D06
Time: Saturday 3:30pm

017 - (T)

with Ed Neumeier
moderated by Bob Schultz

Starship Troopers...

Robert Heinlein’s Starship Troopers is a classic in sci-fi literature. But it took the mind of screenwriter Ed Neumeier to take Heinlein’s unabashed glorification of militarism and turn it into a satire of war fetishization and propaganda. Fans of the original book were shocked by the difference, but the proof is in the result: Neumeier’s interpretation of the Roughnecks and their war against the bugs continues to be the indelible image retained by the culture at large.

In this session, delegates will:

  • Learn Neumeier’s strategy in adapting a legend like Heinlein.
  • Examine where and why the differences were made.
  • Compare/contrast passages from the book with their film counterparts and dissect the emotional impact of each.

Sitting down with the writer of this viscerally satisfying, smart, and funny examination of our own natures is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Do you want to know more?

Appearing in this session

Ed Neumeier

Ed Neumeier – Screenwriter & Producer

Credits include: Robocop & Starship Troopers

Brilliant satarist and Sci-Fi legend Ed Neumeier joins the line up for LSF18.
Ed Neumeier
Bob Schultz

Bob Schultz – Writer, Producer, Professor, Instructor

Credits include Below Zero, Hitlersaurus!

Writer, producer, screenwriting professor and co-founder of ScriptFest.
Bob Schultz