LSF Replay - The Process To Perfection with Clive Frayne

Room: Online
Time: 9:00pm

with Clive Frayne

LSF Replay - The Process To Perfection with Clive Frayne image

The Rewrite process can be so beguiling. If a story “just isn’t working,” the writer’s instinct might be to repeat the process that got them the problems in the first place, focusing on structure and small changes in individual scenes.

Treating the product will not work when the real medication needs to go to the process. In this invaluable session, you will learn solve the problem of endless and ineffective rewrites via Clive Frayne’s unique process-driven approach.

Come spend an hour to learn techniques designed to rewire your rewrite:

  • The six stages of script development that AREN’T the plot.
  • How to use process to quickly develop unique and powerful cinematic characters.
  • How using one specific sentence can connect your film’s theme to the plot.
  • How to fix a movie’s plot in days rather than months.

The old chestnut says it all: Writing is rewriting. It’s time to face the music and learn how to master this critical stage in writing (and writer) development.

This is a premiere of the recording from the onstage festival.

Appearing in this session

Clive Frayne

Clive Frayne – Screenwriter, Development Consultant and Author

Author of The Process of Screenwriting

Clive Frayne is an award-winning writer and filmmaker with thirty years' experience writing professionally.
Clive Frayne