Talent Campus 5.0: Total Immersion

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Do you want to participate in a 10-day intensive screenwriting course?

NOTE This outline is for Talent Campus 4.0. We have evolved and expanded Talent Campus 5.0 and will post details in sue course.

The Screenwriters’ Talent Campus: Total Immersion is focused on your creative talent, professional development, career advancement and the practical business of screenwriting.

10 days that will change everything.

Our Goals For You

We want you to get your work produced. To that end we have four clear objectives at the Talent Campus.

  1. To improve your professional and industry skills to help platform you as talent to watch.
  2. To refine your story and writing skills in the context of a commercial marketplace.
  3. To realign your project with commercial trends to increase the probability of getting optioned and produced.
  4. To provide exclusive opportunity: To pitch your project to industry directly.

All attendees will also get free admission to the Final Draft Big Break competition.

Rebuilt For 2018

Having run Talent Campus three times now, we are rebuilding it with all that knowledge behind us. The main difference is that we have focused the mentor experience into the final day of ‘Ignition’ and we have intensified the experience altogether by making the ‘Ignition’ part longer. These four days are unquestionably the most transformational stage of the program with delegates experiencing both life and career changing breakthroughs that impact ALL areas of their personal and professional lives moving forward.  The result: Total immersion for the Talent Campus 4.0 delegates.

The Talent Campus will take writers who want to work on commercial screenplays and provide an immersive, challenging and powerful experience.


  • Project Ignition: 5th – 8th July 2018 (4 days)
  • Immersion Week: September 4th to 9th (6 days)

As the application requires answers to several questions (as well as an uploading of supporting documents), we advise you to look through the application thoroughly before the deadline.


You will need ready for upload…

  • First 10 pages of a feature film or TV script (this does not have to be from a finished script) (doc, docx, pdf only)
  • One page synopsis from the same feature film or TV script (doc, docx, pdf only)
  • 400 words on why you need to join the Talent Campus (doc, docx, pdf only)



Your Outcomes

  • Improved knowledge and appreciation of the business of screenwriting.
  • Significantly ‘greater confidence’ in the room.
  • Developed ideas and projects (building on your new business acumen), increasing the likelihood of getting produced.
  • Improved confidence, relationship and pitching skills for screenwriters.
  • Improved screenwriting skills.
  • Developed skills in pitching, and projects ready to be pitched to execs in the real world.
  • New and outstanding peer groups that will continue beyond the Talent Campus.

Feedback from 2018 Talent Campus…

‘I was floored by how approachable and genuinely helpful all the guest speakers were’.
Barbara Skubic – Screenwriter // 5 Stars

‘I came to the Talent Campus a fearful, nervous Screenwriter and came out a fearless warrior!’
Maurice C Kenney – Screenwriter // 5 Stars

‘Talent Campus showed me how to not just be another writer, but BE a writer! The speakers were amazing, how Talent Campus got them is beyond me’.
Luke Graves – Screenwriter & Filmmaker // 500 Stars (out of 5)

‘Being surrounded by the support and love of this group is something I will never forget as long as I live’.
Monique Amado – Screenwriter, Actor, Director // 10 Stars (out of 5)

‘Talent Campus has given me the confidence to keep writing and a much better understanding of the industry’.
Dara Colwell – Screenwriter // 5 Stars

‘Out of the Talent Campus, I now have an appointment with an expert Producer!’
Cathy Kostova – Writer, Director // 5 Stars

‘I got to meet people who feel the way I do about writing – it was like they were reading my mind!’
Rick Limentani – Screenwriter // 5 Stars

‘I am a different person’
James Pemberton – Screenwriter // 5 Stars

My fear has gone south! Now my life will go in the opposite direction’
Rachel Hanks – Screenwriter // 10 Stars (out of 5)

‘The opportunity to connect with industry professionals, hold Gareth Unwin’s Oscar and walk on broken glass – the day doesn’t get any better than that! I will have no fear! And I have already got peers to connect with’
Jane Helliwell – Screenwriter // 5 Stars!

‘I leave the Talent Campus an emotional volcano of confidence!’
Sunny King – Filmmaker // 5 Stars

‘I just got a new tribe!’
Jens Nelsson – Screenwriter // 5 Stars

‘At Talent Campus your pitch will improve beyond your imagination’.
James Pemberton – Screenwriter // 5 Stars

‘Talent Campus has been a writer’s therapy that has elevated me to the dizzy heights of awesomeness!’
Panayiota Panteli – Screenwriter // 5 Stars

‘Talent Campus has taught me that if you crush the fear, the road ahead opens wide’
Jonah Jones – Screenwriter, Director // 5 Stars

‘From the Talent Campus I now have much more confidence pitching; plus a wider group of readers to improve the quality of my work’
Rick Limentani – Screenwriter // 5 Stars

‘I came to the Talent Campus with a problem, was challenged and left with a solution’
Barbara Skubic – Screenwriter // 5 Stars

Day One (July 5th) // Career Ignition!

11-08-2015 11-56-07

Objective: To start the campus from a position of power.

Chris Jones, founder and Creative Director of The London Screenwriters’ Festival, kicks off the Talent Campus with this seminar. It will examine and pinpoint your present career placement and provide you with the tools and techniques needed to raise your standards and break through personal barriers. Through practical exercises and tasks, you will be challenged to take your career to the next level.

In our experience, people’s own limiting beliefs are what stand in their way. This seminar is designed to shatter your limitations, replacing them with empowering beliefs essential to achieve success as a screenwriter in today’s competitive market.

Past Talent Campus delegates will join us as well, to help focus your expectations.

After lunch we will run a rapid performance exercise on your scripts to offer greater insight into your writing, with particular reference to attracting talent (actors), producers and directors.

Late afternoon: Special Guest – a notable industry player will  join us for a candid conversation about screenwriting.

The day will end in an unforgettable Ignition Exercise designed to further focus your mind on how you deal with career challenges.

Location: Ealing Studios, West London

Day One Speakers

Day Two (July 6th) // Story Pitch and Refining Ideas with John Yorke for TV / longform projects.

john yorke

Objective: To prepare writers and their projects to find success in the commercial marketplace.

The day will start with a film business exercise designed to further professionalise your script and career. Then we hand over to John Yorke. Buckle up for this one!

We will then take a script through the production process and into post production to show how and WHY it is so essential to remain involved through on set and post production rewrites.

John Yorke will run this workshop focused on how to identify the value of your work in monetary terms, how to increase its commercial viability and to advise project selection and/or abandonment based on current market trends. You will take your own pre-existing project, idea or concept and, if needed, re-imagine them in a commercial context.

Additional Guest Speakers (TBC) will also be joining us.

We will end the day by breaking into smaller groups to begin prep for the mentor-led writing day. This will form your closest peer group for rest of the Talent Campus. We suggest these groups all go out for dinner together on this second evening (so please make no evening plans).

Location: Ealing Studios, West London

Day Two Speakers

Day Three (July 7th ) // Story Pitch and Refining Ideas with Sam Horley for feature projects

Talent Campus_Weekend 1_147

Objective: To get a handle on the real world of film sales and distribution and stress test your individual projects. Learn to think like a producer and your writing will become more viable.

Sam Horley will take your project through a series of exercises, move it into the real world where we will find out whether it’s got life as a commercial project, and what tweaks and rewrites could make all the difference. This is ALL about produceability, viability and shifting the writer into the mindset of producer, backer, sales agent and ‘talent’. This is a small group and everyone will get individual feedback from Sam.

Additional Guest Speakers (TBC) will also be joining us.

In the afternoon, Bob Schultz from the Great American Pitchfest will present a short but rapid-fire session on pitching and presenting your projects to executives and producers, preparing you for the Pitchfest at LSF.

Late afternoon we close on an exercise that will crystalise your peer groups and the Talent Campus community.

Location: Ealing Studios, West London

Day Three Speakers

Day Four (July 8th ) // Intensive Writing LAB with MentorsStory Pitch and Refining Ideas

11-08-2015 11-56-53

Objective – To form a six member writing group that will stay in contact in the weeks leading to the festival, and to get professional mentoring.

Spend the whole day writing, refining, and re-imagining with a team of five other writers and a professional screenwriting mentor. You will work directly on your story, script, and characters as well as offer insight and advice to the other five members in your writing team. We will start early and coffee will be in plentiful supply.

You will leave with a detailed synopsis / story beat sheet, ready to get writing and prepare for pitching at the festival.

The day will wind up with Chris Jones recapping on the objectives for the next few weeks in preparation for your TOTAL IMMERSION at the LondonSWF.

Talent Campus Mentors


Day Five (Tues 4th Sept) // Networking Tuesday

Objective: Get writers fearlessly in charge of their opportunities. Why? Because we hire people we know and like.

Using real life examples, practical exercises and role play, this one day workshop will set you up for an outstanding festival experience and equip you with all the tools you’ll need to network any room, at any time, with anyone.

We will provide real industry networking practice for you so you can take charge of professional opportunities, both formal and social.

For a more detailed breakdown of the workshop and outcomes, go HERE.

Day Five Talent Campus Exclusive Bonus Session: Pre-Pitching Tuesday
Designed to eliminate nerves and hesitation from the pitching process, this session allows participants to improve their pitches via intensive repetition and providing and receiving peer critique.

Location: Regent’s University, Regent’s Park

Day Six (Wed 5th Sept) // Writer’s Incubator

Objective: Spend a whole day with your peer group, writing, refining, pitching and strengthening ahead of Pitchfest and the main LSF event.

From 9am until late you will spend the day writing intensively, working with your peer group. Throughout the day industry professionals and mentors will drop in to offer advice and inspiration as you immerse yourself totally in your project.

Location: Regent’s University, Regent’s Park

Day Six Speakers

Day Seven (Thurs 6th Sept) // Scott Myers, The Narrative Imperative in YOUR Screenplay

Objective: To deepen the understanding between story and human psychology and strengthen the foundations of your narrative through exploration of your protagonist’s transformation arc.

Scott Myers, screenwriter, professor and host of GoIntoTheStory.com, the official screenwriting blog of the Black List will put ‘flesh’ onto the ‘bones’ of the age-old adage “Character equals Plot” by exploring the inner workings of such movies as The Shawshank Redemption, The Silence of the Lambs, Up, True Grit, Bridesmaids, Juno, and more, demonstrating how the Protagonist’s transformation arc is the foundation of any story… and its Narrative Imperative.  

For a more detailed breakdown of the workshop and outcomes, go HERE.

Location: Regent’s University, Regent’s Park

Day Seven Speakers

Day Seven Evening (Thurs 6th Sept) // Pitching Masterclass

11-08-2015 11-57-30

Objective: To prepare participants for real world pitching. 

Run by Great American Pitchfest founder, educator and script consultant Bob Schultz. This practical workshop will improve pitching skills exponentially. By the end of the class, you will be ready to pitch professionally, passionately and powerfully to any producer, agent or executive you meet at the festival and, of course, beyond.

For a more detailed breakdown of the workshop and outcomes, go HERE.

Location: Regent’s University, Regent’s Park

Day Eight Morning (Friday 7th Sept) // Professional Pitching

Friday_00_Pitchfest (TC)_040Objective: Real world pitching to industry players.

You will participate in this exclusive pitching session hosted by the LSF specifically for the Talent Campus.

You will get the opportunity to spend 90 minutes pitching your project to as many executives as the time slot will allow (each pitch lasts 5 minutes).

There will be 14 top industry producers, agents and commissioners present and the ratio of pitches to executives will be 2.5 to 1 so with good planning and preparation, everyone has the potential to reach up to eight execs within the 90-minute session.

This session will provide real life opportunities for the delegates to engage powerful players within the industry and create meaningful relationships that can extend beyond the festival and have the potential to significantly further their careers.

Location: Regent’s University, Regent’s Park

Day Eight Afternoon (Friday 7th Sept) // Actors Table Read, Day One of LSF

11-08-2015 11-57-52

Objective: Real world experience of what actors and directors do to their screenplay.

You will receive a 60-minute Actors Table Read session where a four-page scene from your project is performed by a team of professional actors under the guidance of a professional credited director.

Alongside the Pitchfest, the Actors Table Read provides delegates with invaluable experience of real life industry practice with established, working professionals.

For a more detailed breakdown of the workshop and outcomes, go HERE:

Outside of their Actors Table Read session, participants are free to enjoy the rest of the festival, including the networking party held on Friday evening.

Location: Regent’s University, Regent’s Park

Day Nine (Sat 8th Sept) // Talent Campus Training, Day Two of LSF

11-08-2015 11-58-08

Objective: To further increase knowledge and skills in the art of screenwriting.

Talent Campus participants are free to choose the Festival sessions which are most relevant and useful to them. The Saturday sessions are followed by the third annual British Screenwriters’ Awards and networking party in the evening.

There will be a special advanced seminar offered to Talent Campers from one of our high profile speakers.

Location: Regent’s University, Regent’s Park

Day Ten (Sun 9th Sept) // Talent Campus Training, Day Three of LSF


Objective: To further increase knowledge and skills in the art of screenwriting.

Talent Campus participants are again free to choose the Festival sessions which are most relevant and useful to them.

Your festival experience will culminate with a one hour ‘check-in’ and round-up within your group. You will be encouraged by your mentors to take your festival learnings and fully explore any new relationships they have made as well as create new ones beyond the festival.

At this stage you will also be required to fill in a brief handwritten exit feedback form detailing learnings, outcomes and breakthroughs you have received from your Talent Campus experience thus far.

Location: Regent’s University, Regent’s Park

A Special Audience With…


Objective: To provide an intimate forum for conversation with the most successful screenwriters.

Throughout the LondonSWF festival experience, we will create a true fastrack experience for Talent Campers. In past years we hosted a special audiences with Carl Gottlieb (Jaws), Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects; MI:5), William Nicholson (Gladiator / Everest), Jed Mercurio (Line of Duty), Jeb Stuart (Die Hard) and more, giving unparalleled access to the biggest names in the business.

More Feedback from past Talent Campus Delegates

Don’t take our word for it, listen to what delegates said from last year…

‘Aside from the incredible guest speakers that were at Talent Campus, the bond and intimacy that was created within the group of screenwriter, in such a short amount of time, was one of the most important aspects of this program to me. You will not only hear significant voices from the film industry and learn from them, but will be coached by Chris on your mindset and limiting beliefs (implemented in surprising ways!) so that by the time you’re through the 4 days, you will know that nothing is impossible for you and that you are capable of more than you dared to think. And because you will now have a tribe of people in your life who get it and 100% support you, any time you start to falter, they will be there to remind you of what you’re capable of and that you CAN do the things you’re afraid to do. You will get far more than you expected from this program. For me, it will remain one of the highlights of my entire life and I cannot praise Chris and the LSF team highly enough for how much of themselves they give and how much they are willing to invest in other writers and filmmakers.’
Monique Amado, Screenwriter

The Talent Campus exclusive sessions have also been absolutely incredible – John Yorke, Kate Leys, Lucy Hay, Chris Jones, Julian Friedman, Pilar Alessandra – all giving us their insights and advice on our individual projects. Plus special sessions with Chris McQuarrie and Carl Gottlieb. I’m not aware of a screenwriting course where you can get that kind of intensive input from such an experienced bunch of people, who are currently active and working in the business.
Rachel Paterson

I’ve made massive progress with my story thanks to the highly supportive personnel and framework of TC both collectively and also within our smaller group. When I complete my first draft I reckon it’ll be in the region of 12 weeks quicker than had I been writing it independently of the program. The calibre of industry professionals I’ve had access to is quite simply incredible.
Mark MacNicol

The highlights have been being taken seriously and getting script requests though Pitchfest, and developing a supportive, inspiring peer group.
Poz Watson

Really great course with lots of knowledge learnt and experience gained. The mentoring outside of the Talent campus sessions has been the most rewarding, and its great to have a mentor as well as be in a smaller group of writers to chat to and get feedback from about our specific projects.
Gary Thomas

I have gone from writing alone, to writing with the strong support of a peer group of fellow writers. From using only my own judgment, to now working with professional script editors and producers who are assessing the quality of my work and helping me decide which projects to pursue in terms of their place in the market.
David Hitchcox

I’m learning and developing so much. It’s been especially valuable in helping me develop my networking and pitching skills. I really enjoyed meeting execs and pitching and felt so much more relaxed than I’d ever imagined I would. I feel more confident in networking and pitching situations and I’m looking forward to more.
Nick Fogg

Although I was certain that Talent Campus was going to be brilliant, I wasn’t at all sure it was going to develop me where I most needed help – networking and pitching. To my delight, those have been two core areas of focus of the course so far and I feel that I have made a great leap in both my networking and my pitching in such a short time period. This resulted in a much-needed boost in my confidence.  
KT Parker

I am sure I will continue to feel the positive effects and profit from the relationships and contacts made long after this inspiring program has ended.  Halida Abbaro

I have learned heaps professionally: all the varied training sessions were in-depth and expertly delivered. Being mentored by a working producer has been invaluable. The support our group has given each other (and not least, were given by the organisers) has made the whole experience a pure joy.  
Kristina Day

The very best thing that I have gotten out of the Talent Campus so far is the opportunity to really get to know several of the other Campers, especially the ones in my mentor group. My mentor, Karol, has been phenomenal! I see us keeping a relationship going for years to come. Our group has grown pretty tight and I hope that we maintain our connection and collaborative energy long after the close.
Amy Amani

It was a wonderfully, enriching experience where I have further developed my knowledge of the craft, but also I have made twenty-odd new friends who I’m confident will remain friends for life now.
Sarah Cassidy

The Talent Campus has pushed me further, faster, than almost any other experience I’ve had in my screenwriting career to date. So as a way to fast track a career, I have to say this is unparalleled.  
Liz Holiday

Talent Campus_Weekend 1_037And finally Dee Chilton…

It has been a shot in the arm of creative energy, giving me more confidence in my abilities and understanding. It has taken me to a higher level and reinvigorated me as both a writer and as a human being. It has challenged me to set the bar higher for myself and be even better. It has released more of the authentic me to come out to play, helped me to let go my feelings of inferiority and improved my self-belief no end.

It has driven home the fact that, as well as striving for excellence in our writing, interaction with the right people is crucial to our own development. It is a unique and invaluable opportunity and I am honoured and to have been selected to take part along with my fellow talented creatives. I know for sure it will pay massive dividends for us all in the future.

My ambition now is to replay the faith shown in me by Team LSF, by taking everything I have learned and putting it to best use to make progress in the industry. It would be a massive disappointment to me if Talent Campus was not funded in 2016 and beyond, allowing other talented emerging writers the same opportunity.  
Dee Chilton


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