The Three Wells of Screenwriting: Discover your deep sources of inspiration

Room: Darwin D06
Time: Saturday 9:00am

039 - (T+H)

with Matthew Kalil

The Three Wells of Screenwriting: Discover your deep sources of inspiration image

Ever wondered where your story ideas come from? Discover your hidden wells of creativity and use them to write the kinds of scenes, locations and characters that only you have access to. Writing that resonated profoundly with a truth that impacts more heavily on the reader.

In this session Matthew Kalil, author of the recently published The Three Wells of Screenwriting, will help you slow down the split-second, decision-making moment when you face the flashing cursor, and write. In an inter-active session you will discover that you draw from three distinct wells within yourself when you create. And you will learn to consciously use these wells to strengthen your stories.

At its heart, this session is about the experience of writing. Ultimately, it seeks to make you a more conscious writer and to help you tell the stories that will resonate with your audience.

The session will cover:

  • How resonance works in films
  • Experience drawing from the External Sources, Imagination and Memory Wells
  • Learn how to consciously dig your wells deeper

Christopher Vogler says that Kalil’s method is “…a breakthrough in the writing craft.”

Join this session to be part of that breakthrough.  Leave with fresh ideas to strengthen existing scripts or be inspired to write new ones.

“Kalil’s thoughtful book makes ‘writer’s block’ a thing of the past. Open this book, then open your mind. You’ll never be stuck on an idea again.”
Pilar Alessandra, author The Coffee Break Screenwriter

Appearing in this session

Matthew Kalil

Matthew Kalil – Screenwriter, Director and Script Editor

Credits include: The Three Wells of Screenwriting

He has written and co-written over 40 produced TV shows and has been helping screenwriters with their craft and careers for over 20 years.
Matthew Kalil