The Use and Abuse of Narrative Structure

Room: D204/5

with John Yorke

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Why does structure resonate through story? And how can we harness that knowledge without descending into overly structured or formulaic stories?

In this session, John Yorke (former Head of Channel Four Drama, Controller of BBC Drama Production and presently MD of Company Pictures) will illustrate how you can harness the power of structure without ever falling into the traps so many other projects fall foul of, freeing the creative to ‘create’.

This promises to be one of the most essential sessions of the festival.

Appearing in this session

John Yorke

John Yorke – MD Angel Station

Credits include: Wolf Hall, Shameless, Life On Mars

John Yorke is Managing Director of Angel Station where he works as a drama producer, consultant and lecturer on all forms of storytelling.
John Yorke