What Are They Doing To My Script? Script Editors Demystified

Room: Tuke Hall
Time: Friday 6:30pm


with Paul Testar, May Gibson, and Nasreen Ahmed
moderated by Georgina Sherrington

What Are They Doing To My Script? Script Editors Demystified image

We all know that sinking feeling when we’ve sent in a script that we’ve sweated over, lost sleep over, even sacrificed boozy nights out for, only for someone to come back at us with notes. And to top it off, these notes actually make things better!

Who are these wizards and what is their dark power to take your script from good, to great, to…OUTSTANDING.

Script editors are often overlooked, but the best ones out there are the lynchpins holding together the disparate priorities of the writer, the story, the producer and the audience. They are essential players in escorting your stories on their journey from script to screen.

But let’s look at that dark magic. Let’s find out what a Script Editor’s day-to-day looks like as they shepherd a project to the finish line. How do they juggle their many different responsibilities? And how can you get the best working relationship with your script editor?

Appearing in this session

Georgina Sherrington

Georgina Sherrington – Development Producer

Georgina Sherrington has worked in development at the BBC and in the indie sector for producers including Maxine Lapiduss (Friends, Roseanne) and BJ Rack (Black Hawk Down).
Georgina Sherrington
May Gibson

May Gibson – Producer & Script Development Executive

Credits include: The Musketeers, Wolfblood

May has worked on the development and production of many television drama, comedy and children’s programmes for the UK and the US.
May Gibson
Nasreen Ahmed

Nasreen Ahmed – Script Editor

Credits include: Doctors, Coronation Street

Script Editor on 'Doctors' and recently also story edited a five week special on the subject of Homelessness.
Nasreen Ahmed
Paul Testar

Paul Testar – Script Editor

Credits include: Tripped, Endeavour

Paul is a script editor for leading drama company Mammoth Screen.
Paul Testar

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