Writing Authentic, Haunting and Human stories...with Lynne Ramsay

Room: Final Draft Hall
Time: Sunday 2:00pm

054 - (T)

with Lynne Ramsay
moderated by Nik Powell

Writing Authentic, Haunting and Human stories...with Lynne Ramsay image

How do we write searingly authentic characters, addressing deeply human and often social issues, through a cinematic lens that is haunting and beautiful?

Meet Lynne Ramsay who has made a career examining and creating films that leave us often breathless. Her career has spanned three decades, working with unknowns and movie stars alike, while tackling genre stories alongside social issues.

In conversation Lynne will discuss the collaborations, trials, misfires, success and just plain dogged perseverance that brought us You Were Never Really Here, Ramsay’s most recent award-winning adaptation of the novel by Jonathan Ames.

They will be talking about Lynne’s previous projects such as We Need To talk About Kevin and Ratcatcher, and her unique approach to adapting novels into film. If your work is both haunting and uncompromising, this session will inspire and educate in equal measure.

Appearing in this session

Lynne Ramsay

Lynne Ramsay – Screenwriter, Director & Producer

Credits include: We Need To Talk About Kevin, You Were Never Really Here

She has consistently received critical acclaim and won Best Screenplay in Cannes for 'You Were Never Really Here'.
Lynne Ramsay
Nik Powell

Nik Powell – Producer and Director of National Film and Television School

Credits include: The Crying Game, Mona Lisa

Virgin co-founder turned Producer, Nik is the man behind some of the most successful and acclaimed British films of all time.
Nik Powell