New Frontiers: Writing for the Chinese Market

Room: Tuke Cinema
Time: Saturday 5:00pm


with Andy Briggs, Tom Kinninmont, and Jacki Li
moderated by Julian Friedmann

New Frontiers: Writing for the Chinese Market image

Industry experts predict that by the year 2020, China will surpass the USA as the biggest market for cinema and television entertainment. With Chinese companies requiring writers who understand their market and audiences, any forward-thinking writer owes it to him/herself to keep Chinese audiences in mind when considering a screenplay’s odds of getting produced.

This critical panel discussion will:

  • Explore the differences between domestically-produced Chinese drama versus productions aimed at an international audience.
  • Examine how to satisfy Chinese audiences and censors, including the no-go areas and cultural nuances that writers need to understand.
  • Reveal how YOU can write a script that suits the Chinese market.

With a panel who are currently writing series and features for China, this session will provide the most up-to-the-second insights into this exciting opportunity.



Appearing in this session

Jacki Li

Jacki Li – Creative

Jacki Li is the son of famous Chinese director Jun Li.
Tom Kinninmont

Tom Kinninmont – Producer, Screenwriter & Director

Credits include: The Carer, Colonia, Blind Revenge

Tom has been Writing, Producing and Directing drama for more than 30 years, initially for the BBC and then independently.
Tom Kinninmont
Julian Friedmann

Julian Friedmann – Film, TV and literary agent

Agent and great supporter of emerging talent.

Julian has years of experience as a literary agent and was the founder of ScriptWriter magazine.
Julian Friedmann
Andy Briggs

Andy Briggs – Screenwriter

He wrote on Judge Dredd, Freddy Vs Jason and Aquaman and has worked with Stan Lee, Robert Evans, Warner Bros. and Disney XD.
Andy Briggs