Writing Gangster Movies: A Great Tradition Of British Success

Room: D202/3

with J.K. Amalou and Jonathan Sothcott
moderated by Lucy V Hay

Writing Gangster Movies: A Great Tradition Of British Success image

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Gangster Thrillers are distinctly British and have a long history – The Long Good Friday, Get Carter, Lock Stock… and more have generated millions at the box office, with Sexy Beast even attracting an Oscar nod!

It’s clear Gangster Thrillers present a viable economic return for filmmakers, are popular with audiences and are here to stay … so why are spec screenwriters so sniffy about them?

Lucy V joins writer/director & producer JK Amalou and producer Jonathan Sothcott, fresh from their shoot on Assassin, a new Brit Gangster Film set in London, Sussex and Surrey starring King of The Indies Danny Dyer and cult favourites Martin & Gary Kemp (The Krays). Topics for discussion will include:

–       Characterisation in gangster films: no girls allowed?
–       Dialogue: it’s not just about the swearing
–       Thrillers and subversion of “typical” tropes
–       Attracting an A List cast: what does it take?
–       Film financing: why investors like gangster films

… And more! If you are serious about genre and want to know more about one of the most popular genres in the UK, this session is unmissable.

Appearing in this session

J.K. Amalou

J.K. Amalou – Producer & Director

Credits include: Deviation, Hard Men

JK is currently shooting Hitman Thriller Assassin with Richwater Films, starring King of the Indies Danny Dyer.
J.K. Amalou
Jonathan Sothcott

Jonathan Sothcott – Producer

Credits include: Vendetta, White Collar Hooligan

Jonathan has produced films starring the likes of Ray Winstone, Richard E Grant, Mark Hamill and Steven Berkoff.
Jonathan Sothcott
Lucy V Hay

Lucy V Hay – Script editor | Bang2write

Bionic blogger, script editor and the voice of new writers!

Legendary for her enthusiasm and knowledge which she shares with her community at Bang2Write. Core member of the LSF team.
Lucy V Hay