Why we should all be learning from Legendary Screenwriter Paul Abbott…

Paul has been responsible for some of the greatest British television produced over the last few decades…

…he is the creator/writer of Shameless, State of Play and most recently No Offence. Paul was also a writer for the hit and classic show Cracker, story editor for Coronation Street and founded his own production company AbbottVision in 2013.

But Paul himself is equally as interesting as his work…

Growing up as the second youngest of eight kids, Abbott’s challenging early years inspired the semi-autobiographical critically and publicly acclaimed series Shameless, and Paul has garnered great respect and admiration for how he has gone on to build his television legacy.

Paul has won 17 screenwriting awards in his career – including multiple BAFTA’s and an EMMY – and shows no signs of slowing down!

In addition to being a legendary writer and creator, Abbott is also a determined mentor and set up a writer’s studio in Manchester to help nurture screenwriting talent in others. Teaching us that we can only benefit from networking and reaching out to those aspiring to get a seat at the table, Abbott has written several projects with former students.

Paul undoubtedly has a lot to offer as a mentor, and he is renowned for his original concepts and characters. He possesses a unique understanding of the Television Industry as one of its key power players over the last few decades, and is a humble and inspiring screenwriter worth studying.

Emma Hallewell

Paul Abbott will be attending this year’s London Screenwriter’s Festival! Buy your ticket today to hear him speak!