Writing The Perfect Nemesis: New course £37 Online, with Bob Schultz

Quick heads up, we have a new one day masterclass launching on March the 6th, online and £37 to attend live and to get access online for one year. We had planned this as two days, but have now refined into one killer day.

After working on this class for a couple of months, Bob and I realised that it is the remedy for the weaknesses in most screenplays we read.

It’s so often because the nemesis is not clearly identified, not powerful enough and not meaningfully intertwined with the lead character.

Diving into this conversation about your nemesis begins to reveal the weaknesses, not in the idea, world of the story, great scenes, characters and dialogue… but in that element that makes us case deeply and keep turning the pages.

The nemesis, the opposing forces, is what keeps your story compelling and a ‘MUST READ ON’ experience.

This isn’t just about Hans Gruber, Thanos or Hannibal Lecter, as AMAZING as they are… the principles apply to small scale stories all the way up to the epic.

Some questions to ask… What is the opposing force in your story? How does it manifest in all its layers and complexities? How can you emotionally tourniquet that tension, so that audiences are on the edge of their seats? How can YOU do this in your existing screenplay now?

Look at past examples from cinema and TV and ask, does my nemesis deliver in the way the best examples I can find do? Why do the best examples work SO well?

There are only sixteen places, so grab yours now.

When: March 6th
Price: £37
Where: Online
Access: One year on demand
Tickets: https://www.screenwritersfestival.online/Writing_The_Perfect_Nemesis_For_Your_Story

See you there!

Chris Jones

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